Working Papers

HiCN Working Paper Nº 298

The Geography of Dictatorship and Support for Democracy

María Angélica Bautista, Felipe González, Luis R. Martínez, Pablo Muñoz and Mounu Prem

HiCN Working Paper Nº 297

Can Jobs Programs Build Peace?

Tilman Brück, Neil T. N. Ferguson, Valeria Izzi and Wolfgang Stojetz

HiCN Working Paper Nº 294

Agricultural abandonment and re-cultivation during and after the Chechen Wars in the northern Caucasus

H. Yin, V. Butsic, J. Buchner, T. Kuemmerle, A. V. Prishchepov, M. Baumann, E.V. Bragina, H. Sayadyan and V.C. Radeloff

HiCN Working Paper Nº 293

The Impact of Peace: Evidence from Nigeria

T. Hönig

HiCN Working Paper Nº 292

Economic and Non-Economic Factors in Violence: Evidence from Organized Crime, Suicides and Climate in Mexico

Baysan, C., Burke, M., González, F., Hsiang, S. and E. Miguel

HiCN Working Paper Nº 291

Trust and trustworthiness after a land restitution program: Lab-in-the-field evidence from Colombia

Bogliacino, F., Grimalda, G., Jiménez, L., Reyes Galvis, D. and C. Codagnone

HiCN Working Paper Nº 290

Mass Atrocities and their Prevention

Anderton, C.H. and J. Brauer

HiCN Working Paper Nº 289

Killing Social Leaders for Territorial Control: The Unintended Consequences of Peace

Prem, M., Rivera, A.F., Romero, D.A. and J.F. Vargas

HiCN Working Paper Nº 288

End-of-Conflict Deforestation: Evidence from Colombia’s Peace Agreement

Prem, M., Saavedra, S., and J. F. Vargas

HiCN Working Paper Nº 287

Do Fences Make Good Neighbors? Evidence from an Insurgency in India

Kaila, H., Singhal, S. and Tuteja, S.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 286

Stimulant or depressant? Resource-related income shocks and conflict

Gehring, K., Langlotz, S. and S. Kienberger

HiCN Working Paper Nº 285

Reexamining the Role of Income Shocks and Ethnic Cleavages on Social Conflict in Africa at the Cell level

Manotas-Hidalgo, B., Pérez Sebastián, F. and M. Á. Campo-Bescós

HiCN Working Paper Nº 283

The impact of low-skill refugees on youth education

Tumen, S.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 282

Armed Conflict and Child Labor: Evidence from Iraq

Naufal, G., Malcom, M. and V. Diwakar

HiCN Working Paper Nº 281

How Does Poverty Differ Among Refugees? Taking a Gender Lens to the Data on Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Hanmer, L., Arango, D. J., Rubiano, E., Santamaria, J. and M. Viollaz

HiCN Working Paper Nº 280

The Microeconomics of Violent Conflict

Verwimp, P., Justino, P. and T. Brück

HiCN Working Paper Nº 277

Determinants and Dynamics of Forced Migration to Europe: Evidence from a 3-D Model of Flows and Stocks

Brück, T., K. M. Dunker, N. T. N. Ferguson, A. Meysonnat and E. Nillesen

HiCN Working Paper Nº 276

A Dynamic Theory of Secession

Esteban, J., Flamand, S., Morelli, M. and D. Rohner

HiCN Working Paper Nº 275

Assets for Alimentation? The Nutritional Impact of Assets-Based Programming in Niger

Brück, T., Díaz Botía, O. M., Ferguson, N. T. N., Ouédraogo, J and Ziegelhöfer, Z.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 274

Oil Price Shocks and Civil Conflict: Evidence from Nigeria

Arinze Nwokolo

HiCN Working Paper Nº 273

Unemployment and Violent Extremism: Evidence from Daesh Foreign Recruits

Abdel Jelil, M., Bhatia, K., Brockmeyer, A., Do, Q.-T. and C. Joubert

HiCN Working Paper Nº 272

Resources, Conflict, and Economic Development in Africa

Adhvaryu, A., Fenske, J., Khanna, G. and A. Nyshadham

HiCN Working Paper Nº 271

Cohesive Institutions and Political Violence

Fetzer, T and Kyburz, S.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 265

Fueling Conflict? (De)Escalation and Bilateral Aid

Bluhm, R., Gassebner, M., Langlotz, S. and Schaudt, P.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 264

Social Structure and Conflict: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Moscona, J., Nunn, N. and Robinson, J. A.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 263

On the Legacies of Wartime Governance

Patricia Justino and Wolfgang Stojetz

HiCN Working Paper Nº 261

Legislating during war: Conflict and politics in Colombia

Morales, J.S.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 260

Micro-Foundations of Fragility: Concepts, Measurement and Application

Baliki, G., Brück, T., Ferguson, N. T. N. and S. W. Kebede