Working Papers

HiCN Working Paper Nº 338

Yes They Can: Genocide, Political Participation, and Female Empowerment

Thorsten Rogall, Tatiana Zárate-Barrera

HiCN Working Paper Nº 337

The Peace Baby Boom: Evidence from Colombia’s peace agreement with the FARC

María Elvira Guerra-Cújar, Mounu Prem, Paul Rodríguez-Lesmes, Juan Fernando Vargas

HiCN Working Paper Nº 336

The Impact of Civil Conflict on Child Health: Evidence from Colombia

Noemi Kreif, Andrew Mirelman, Marc Suhrcke, Giancarlo Buitrago, Rodrigo Moreno Serra

HiCN Working Paper Nº 335

Youth resentment and violence: evidence from Burkina Faso

Alexandra T. Tapsoba, Pascale Combes Motel, Jean-Louis Combes

HiCN Working Paper Nº 334

Civil Resistance in the Shadow of the Revolution: Historical Framing in Nicaragua’s Sudden Uprising

Eric Mosinger, Kai Thaler, Diana Paz García, Charlotte Fowler

HiCN Working Paper Nº 332

COVID-19 and Conflict

Jeffrey R. Bloem and Colette Salemi

HiCN Working Paper Nº 331

The perils of misusing remote sensing data The case of forest cover

Leopoldo Fergusson, Santiago Saavedra, Juan F. Vargas

HiCN Working Paper Nº 330

The Diplomatic Burden of Pandemics: The Case of Malaria

Benjamin E. Bagozzi and Ore Koren

HiCN Working Paper Nº 329

Chile’s Missing Students: Dictatorship, Higher Education and Social Mobility

Maria Angélica Bautista, Felipe González, Luis R. Martínez, Pablo Muñoz, Mounu Prem

HiCN Working Paper Nº 328

Losing Hearts & Minds: Aid and Ideology

Travers Barclay Child

HiCN Working Paper Nº 327

Targeting humanitarian aid using administrative data: model design and validation

Onur Altındağ, Stephen D. O’Connell, Aytuğ Şaşmaz, Zeynep Balcıoğlu, Paola Cadoni, Matilda Jerneck, and Aimee Kunze Foong

HiCN Working Paper Nº 326

Children of Crisis: The Effects of Economic Shocks on Newborns

Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel, Seyit Mumin Cilasun and Belgi Turan

HiCN Working Paper Nº 325

Riots and social capital in urban India

Alia Aghajanian, Patricia Justino and Jean–Pierre Tranchant

HiCN Working Paper Nº 324

Education Interrupted: Enrollment, Attainment, and Dropout of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Maia Sieverding, Caroline Krafft, Nasma Berri, Caitlyn Keo, and Mariam Sharpless

HiCN Working Paper Nº 323

Facebook Causes Protests

Leopoldo Fergusson and Carlos Molina

HiCN Working Paper Nº 321

The effect of armed conflict on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Evidence from the Boko Haram (BH) Insurgency in Nigeria

U. E. Ekhator-Mobayode, L. C. Hanmer, E. C. Rubiano Matulevich, D. J. Arango

HiCN Working Paper Nº 320

Humanitarian vs. Development Aid for Refugees: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

Claire MacPherson and Olivier Sterck

HiCN Working Paper Nº 318

The Rise and Persistence of Illegal Crops: Evidence from a Naive Policy Announcement

Daniel Mejía, Mounu Prem, and Juan F. Vargas

HiCN Working Paper Nº 316

The Impact of Food Prices on Conflict Revisited

Jasmien De Winne and Gert Peersman

HiCN Working Paper Nº 315

Extreme Temperature and Extreme Violence across Age and Gender: Evidence from Russia

O. Popova, V. Otrachshenko and J. Tavares

HiCN Working Paper Nº 314

Conflict, Household Victimization, and Welfare: Does the Perpetrator Matter?

Heidi Kaila and Abul Azad

HiCN Working Paper Nº 313

Conflict Exposure and Economic Welfare in Nigeria

John Chiwuzulum Odozi and Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere

HiCN Working Paper Nº 312

Third-party Diplomacy

Björn Gehrmann

HiCN Working Paper Nº 310

The Human Capital Peace Dividend

Olga Namen, Mounu Prem and Juan F. Vargas

HiCN Working Paper Nº 309

Terrorism, education, and the role of perceptions: Evidence from al-Shabaab attacks in Kenya

Marco Alfano & Joseph-Simon Görlach

HiCN Working Paper Nº 308

Artisanal or Industrial Conflict Minerals? Evidence from Eastern Congo

Nik Stoop, Marijke Verpoorten and Peter Van Der Windt

HiCN Working Paper Nº 307

The Long-Run and Gender-Equalizing Impacts of School Access: Evidence from the First Indochina War

Hai-Anh H. Dang, Trung X. Hoang and Ha Nguyen

HiCN Working Paper Nº 306

Estimation of Poverty in Somalia Using Innovative Methodologies

Pape, U. and P. Wollburg

HiCN Working Paper Nº 304

Education and Conflict Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Indonesia

Rohner, D. and A. Saia

HiCN Working Paper Nº 301

The Local Impact of Armed Conflict on Children’s Nutrition and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Chad

Kountchou, A.M., Wang Sonne, S.E. and G. Djal Gadom

HiCN Working Paper Nº 299

The Origins of Violence in Rwanda

Heldring, L.