Canadian Consortium on Human Security, University of British Columbia
Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity, University of Oxford
Centre for the Study of Civil War
Conflict Analysis Resources, Royal Holloway, University of London
Conflict Analysis Resource Center, CERAC
Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction, The World Bank
Conflict Research Group, Ghent University
Eldis Conflict and Security Guide, Institute of Development Studies
Family Life Surveys, A RAND Labor and Population Program
The HPCR Conflict Prevention Initiative, Program on Humanitn Policy and Conflict Research
Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University
International Conflict Research, University of Ulster
International Household Survey Network
A Micro Level Analysis of Violent Conflict (MICROCON)
MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base, National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
New Security Programme, Fafo
Order, Conflict and Violence, Yale Center for International and Area Studies
Polarization & Conflict
Refugee Livelihoods Network, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Researching Conflict in Africa: Insights and Experiences, United Nations University
Swiss Peace
United States Institute of Peace