Publication Stats

Below we show some data on the journal publications that have resulted from the HiCN Working Paper Series. These have been updated on 25/01/2015 and include working papers 1 to 170.

Where HiCN papers are today

Where HiCN papers are published

Map of the micro-level data that the HiCN working papers cover

We also plot the links between HiCN authors based on the HiCN working papers they have co-authored. Using authorship information, network analysis found three important relationships:

Those centred around Patricia Justino, Philip Verwimp, Tilman Brück and Ana Maria Ibañez

Those centred around Chris Blattman

Those centred around Juan F Vargas

Given the time-lag in publishing, we also present the data for the first 100 papers separately:

Where HiCN papers were

Where HiCN papers were published