Publication Stats

Below we show some data on the journal publications that have resulted from the HiCN Working Paper Series. Please click on the links.

Where HiCN papers are today

Where HiCN papers are published

Map of the micro-level data that the HiCN working papers cover

We also plot the links between HiCN authors based on the HiCN working papers they have co-authored. Using authorship information, network analysis found three important relationships:

Those centred around Patricia Justino, Philip Verwimp, Tilman Brück and Ana Maria Ibañez

Those centred around Chris Blattman

Those centred around Juan F Vargas

These statistics will be updated every year. These statistics have been uploaded on 18/11/2013.

Given the time-lag in publishing, we also present the data for the first 100 papers separately:

Where HiCN papers were

Where HiCN papers were published