Working Papers

The HiCN Working Papers Series is edited by the HiCN Co-Directors. Submissions should be sent to the Network Facilitator. Please include your CV, unless you are a HiCN affiliate.

HiCN WP322 Ethno-Regional Favoritism and the Political Economy of School Test Scores Philip Verwimp (2020)

HiCN WP321 The effect of armed conflict on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Evidence from the Boko Haram (BH) Insurgency in Nigeria U. E. Ekhator-Mobayode, L. C. Hanmer, E. C. Rubiano Matulevich, D. J. Arango (2020)

HiCN WP320 Humanitarian vs. Development Aid for Refugees: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Claire MacPherson and Olivier Sterck (2020)

HiCN WP319 Intergenerational Impact of Population Shocks on Children’s Health: Evidence from the 1993-2001 Refugee Crisis in Tanzania Soazic Elise Wang Sonne and Paolo Verme (2019)

HiCN WP318 The Rise and Persistence of Illegal Crops: Evidence from a Naive Policy Announcement Daniel Mejía, Mounu Prem, and Juan F. Vargas (2019)

HiCN WP317 #Portichiusi: the human costs of migrant deterrence in the Mediterranean Michele Cantarella (2019)

HiCN WP316 The Impact of Food Prices on Conflict Revisited Jasmien De Winne and Gert Peersman (2019)

HiCN WP315 Extreme Temperature and Extreme Violence across Age and Gender: Evidence from Russia O. Popova, V. Otrachshenko and J. Tavares (2019)

HiCN WP314 Conflict, Household Victimization, and Welfare: Does the Perpetrator Matter? Heidi Kaila and Abul Azad (2019)

HiCN WP313 Conflict Exposure and Economic Welfare in Nigeria John Chiwuzulum Odozi and Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere (2019)

HiCN WP312 Third-party Diplomacy Björn Gehrmann (2019)

HiCN WP311 In and Out of the Unit: Social Ties and Insurgent Cohesion in Civil War A. Shesterinina (2019)

HiCN WP310 The Human Capital Peace Dividend Olga Namen, Mounu Prem and Juan F. Vargas  (2019)

HiCN WP309 Terrorism, education, and the role of perceptions: Evidence from al-Shabaab attacks in Kenya Marco Alfano & Joseph-Simon Görlach (2019)

HiCN WP308 Artisanal or Industrial Conflict Minerals? Evidence from Eastern Congo Nik Stoop, Marijke Verpoorten and Peter Van Der Windt (2019)

HiCN WP307 The Long-Run and Gender-Equalizing Impacts of School Access: Evidence from the First Indochina War Hai-Anh H. Dang, Trung X. Hoang and Ha Nguyen (2019)

HiCN WP306 Estimation of Poverty in Somalia Using Innovative Methodologies Pape, U. and P. Wollburg (2019)

HiCN WP305 Estimating Poverty in a Fragile Context – The High Frequency Survey in South Sudan Pape, U. and L. Parisotto (2019)

HiCN WP304 Education and Conflict Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Indonesia Rohner, D. and A. Saia (2019)

HiCN WP303 Youth Employability and Peacebuilding in Post-conflict Côte d’Ivoire: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial Kimou, A.J.C., Ballo, Z. and I.A. Barry (2019)

HiCN WP302 The Impact of Forced Displacement on Host Communities: A Review of the Empirical Literature in Economics Verme, P. and K. Schuettler (2019)

HiCN WP301 The Local Impact of Armed Conflict on Children’s Nutrition and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Chad Kountchou, A.M., Wang Sonne, S.E. and G. Djal Gadom (2019)

HiCN WP300 Good Intentions Gone Bad? The Dodd-Frank Act and Conflict in Africa’s Great Lakes Region BloemJ.R.  (2019)

HiCN WP299 The Origins of Violence in Rwanda Heldring, L. (2019)

HiCN WP298 The Geography of Dictatorship and Support for Democracy María Angélica Bautista, Felipe González, Luis R. Martínez, Pablo Muñoz and Mounu Prem (2019)

HiCN WP297 Can Jobs Programs Build Peace? Tilman Brück, Neil T. N. Ferguson, Valeria Izzi and Wolfgang Stojetz (2019)

HiCN WP296 Violent Repression as a Commitment Problem: Urbanization, Food Shortages, and Civilian Killings under Authoritarian Regimes Ore Koren and Bumba Mukherjee (2019)

HiCN WP295 The Effect of Parental Job Loss on Child School Dropout: Evidence from the Occupied Palestinian Territories Michele Di Maio and Roberto Nisticò (2019)

HiCN WP294 Agricultural abandonment and re-cultivation during and after the Chechen Wars in the northern Caucasus H. Yin, V. Butsic, J. Buchner, T. Kuemmerle, A. V. Prishchepov, M. Baumann, E.V. Bragina, H. Sayadyan and V.C. Radeloff (2019)

HiCN WP293 The Impact of Peace: Evidence from Nigeria T. Hönig (2019)

HiCN WP292 Economic and Non-Economic Factors in Violence: Evidence from Organized Crime, Suicides and Climate in Mexico Baysan, C., Burke, M., González, F., Hsiang, S. and E. Miguel (2019)

HiCN WP291 Trust and trustworthiness after a land restitution program: Lab-in-the-field evidence from Colombia Bogliacino, F., Grimalda, G., Jiménez, L., Reyes Galvis, D. and C. Codagnone (2019)

HiCN WP290 Mass Atrocities and their Prevention Anderton, C.H. and J. Brauer (2019)

HiCN WP289 Killing Social Leaders for Territorial Control: The Unintended Consequences of Peace Prem, M.,  Rivera, A.F., Romero, D.A. and J.F. Vargas (2019)

HiCN WP288 End-of-Conflict Deforestation: Evidence from Colombia’s Peace Agreement Prem, M., Saavedra, S., and J. F. Vargas (2019)

HiCN WP287 Do Fences Make Good Neighbors? Evidence from an Insurgency in India Kaila, H., Singhal, S. and Tuteja, S. (2018)

HiCN WP286 Stimulant or depressant? Resource-related income shocks and conflict Gehring, K., Langlotz, S. and S. Kienberger (2018)

HiCN WP285 Reexamining the Role of Income Shocks and Ethnic Cleavages on Social Conflict in Africa at the Cell level Manotas-Hidalgo, B., Pérez Sebastián, F. and M. Á. Campo-Bescós (2018)

HiCN WP284 The Onset, Spread, and Prevention of Mass Atrocities: Perspectives from Network Models Anderton, C.H., and Brauer, J. (2018)

HiCN WP283 The impact of low-skill refugees on youth education Tumen, S. (2018)

HiCN WP282 Armed Conflict and Child Labor: Evidence from Iraq Naufal, G., Malcom, M. and V. Diwakar (2018)

HiCN WP281 How Does Poverty Differ Among Refugees? Taking a Gender Lens to the Data on Syrian Refugees in Jordan Hanmer, L., Arango, D. J., Rubiano, E., Santamaria, J. and M. Viollaz (2018)

HiCN WP280 The Microeconomics of Violent Conflict Verwimp, P., Justino, P. and T. Brück (2018)

HiCN WP279 The Cost of Fear: Impact of Violence Risk on Child Health During Conflict Tapsoba, A. (2018)

HiCN WP278 Violent Conflict, Transport Costs, and Poverty: An instrumental variables approach with geospatial data for Nigeria Barra, F., Berg, C. P. Verwimp (2018)

HiCN WP277 Determinants and Dynamics of Forced Migration to Europe: Evidence from a 3-D Model of Flows and Stocks  Brück, T., K. M. Dunker, N. T. N. Ferguson, A. Meysonnat and E. Nillesen (2018)

HiCN WP276 A Dynamic Theory of Secession Esteban, J., Flamand, S., Morelli, M. and D. Rohner (2018)

HiCN WP275 Assets for Alimentation? The Nutritional Impact of Assets-Based Programming in Niger Brück, T., Díaz Botía, O. M.,  Ferguson, N. T. N., Ouédraogo, J and Ziegelhöfer, Z. (2018)

HiCN WP274 Oil Price Shocks and Civil Conflict: Evidence from Nigeria Arinze Nwokolo (2018)

HiCN WP273 Unemployment and Violent Extremism: Evidence from Daesh Foreign Recruits  Abdel Jelil, M., Bhatia, K., Brockmeyer, A., Do, Q.-T. and C. Joubert (2018)

HiCN WP272 Resources, Conflict, and Economic Development in Africa Adhvaryu, A., Fenske, J., Khanna, G. and A. Nyshadham (2018)

HiCN WP271 Cohesive Institutions and Political Violence Fetzer, T and Kyburz, S. (2018)

HiCN WP270 Early life shocks and mental health: The long-term effect of war in Vietnam Singhal, S. (2018)

HiCN WP269 The effects of violent conflict on household resilience and food security: Evidence from the 2014 Gaza conflict Brück, T., d’Errico, M. and R. Pietrelli (2018)

HiCN WP268 Analyzing the Impact of Dodd Frank Mining Legislation on Sexual Violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Jeremy Foltz and Allison Sambo (2018)

HiCN WP267 Givers of great dinners know few enemies: The impact of household food sufficiency and food sharing on low intensity interhousehold and community conflict in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Naureen Fatema and Shahriar Kibriya (2018)

HiCN WP266 Resistance is Futile? Institutional and Geographic Factors in China’s Great Leap Famine Elizabeth Gooch (2018)

HiCN WP265 Fueling Conflict? (De)Escalation and Bilateral Aid Bluhm, R., Gassebner, M., Langlotz, S. and Schaudt, P. (2018)

HiCN WP264 Social Structure and Conflict: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa Moscona, J., Nunn, N. and Robinson, J. A. (2018)

HiCN WP263 On the Legacies of Wartime Governance Patrícia Justino and Wolfgang Stojetz (2018)

HiCN WP262 Violence, Psychological Stress and Educational Performance during the “War on Drugs” in Mexico Michaelsen, M.M. and Salardi, P. (2018)

HiCN WP261 Legislating during war: Conflict and politics in Colombia Morales, J.S. (2017)

HiCN WP260 Micro-Foundations of Fragility: Concepts, Measurement and Application Baliki, G., Brück, T., Ferguson, N. T. N. and S. W. Kebede (2017)

HiCN WP259 Governance Interventions in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries Justino, P. (2017)

HiCN WP258 War and Social Attitudes: Revisiting Consensus Views Barclay Child, T and Nikolova, E. (2017)

HiCN WP257 Food Security, Peacebuilding and Gender Equality: Conceptual Framework and Future Directions Justino, P. (2017)

HiCN WP256 Welfare Spending and Political Conflict Justino, P. and Martorano, B. (2017)

HiCN WP255 Domestic Violence and Childhood Exposure to Armed Conflict: Attitudes and Experiences La Mattina, G. and Shemyakina, Olga N. (2017)

HiCN WP254 First and Second Generation Impacts of the Biafran War Akresh, R. Bhalotra, S. Leone, M. and Osili, U. (2017)

HiCN WP253 Hunger Games: Food Security and Strategic Preemptive Conflict Koren, O. (2017)

HiCN WP252 Food, Drought and Conflict Evidence from a Case Study on Somalia Sneyers, A. (2017)

HiCN WP 251 Minorities, Human Capital and Long-Run Development: Persistence of Armenian and Greek Influence in Turkey Arbatli, E. and Gokmen, G. (2017)

HiCN WP 250 Security, Trade, and Political Violence Amodio, F. Baccini, L. and Di Maio, M. (2017)

HiCN WP249 *updated* The Reach of Radio: Ending Civil Conflict through Rebel Demobilization Armand, A. Atwell, P. and Gomes, J. (2018)

HiCN WP 248 Conflict in Ethiopia: The Impact of Precipitation and Its Transmission Mechanism Habibi, N.(2017)

HiCN WP 247 *updated* Childhood aspirations, occupational outcomes and exposure to violence: Evidence from Burundi Jeusette, L. and Verwimp, P.(2018)

HiCN WP 246 Migration, Forced Displacement and Fertility during Civil War: A Survival Analysis Verwimp, P., Osti, D. and Østby, G.(2017)

HiCN WP 245 Agricultural Production Amid Conflict: Separating the Effects of Conflict into Shocks and Uncertainty Arias, M.A., Ibáñez, A.M. and Zambrano, A. (2017)

HiCN WP 244 We Don’t Need No Education: Reconstruction and Conflict across Afghanistan Child, T.B. (2017)

HiCN WP 243 A Model of Protests, Revolution, and Information Barbera, S. and Jackson, M.O. (2017)

HiCN WP 242 The Economic Origins of Conflict in Africa McGuirk, E. and Burke, M. (2017)

HiCN WP 241 updated Communal violence in the Horn of Africa following the 1998 El Niño van Weezel, S. (2017)

HiCN WP 240 Short term effects of drought on communal conflict in Nigeria van Weezel, S. (2017)

HiCN WP 239 An Empirical Exploration of the Near-Term and Persistent Effects of Conflict on Risk Preferences Rockmore, M., Barrett, C.B. and Annan, J. (2016)

HiCN WP 238 Detailed Geographic Information, Conflict Exposure, and Health Impacts Akresh, R., Caruso, G.D. and Thirumurthy, H. (2016)

HiCN WP 237 Resilience to Violent Extremism: The Rural Livelihood Coping Strategies in the Lake Chad Basin Ogbozor, E. (2016)

HiCN WP 236 Extending a Lifeline or Cutting Losses? Conflict and Household Receipts of Remittances in Pakistan Ghorpade, Y. (2016)

HiCN WP 235 Determinants of former combatants’ attitudes toward transitional justice Daly, S. Z. (2016)

HiCN WP 234 Conflict and Poverty in Afghanistan’s Transition Floreani, V.A., López-Acevedo, G. and Rama, M. (2016)

HiCN WP 233 Violence Begets Violence: Armed conflict and domestic sexual violence in Sub-Saharan Africa Østby, G. (2016)

HiCN WP 232 Economic Shocks and Rebel Tactics Wright, A.L. (2016)

HiCN WP 231 Networks in Conflict: Theory and Evidence from the Great War of Africa König,M.D., Rohner,D., Thoenig, M. and Zilibotti F. (2016)

HiCN WP 230 The Long-lasting Shadow of the Allied Occupation of Austria on its Spatial Equilibrium Eder, C. and Halla, M. (2016)

HiCN WP 229 Missing Men: World War II Casualties and Structural Change Eder, C. (2016)

HiCN WP 228 Export Crops and Civil Conflict Crost, B. and Felter J.H. (2016)

HiCN WP 227 Causes and Consequence of Violent Extremism in Northeast Nigeria Ogbozor, O. (2016)

HiCN WP 226 Fear and Political Participation: Evidence from Africa Morrison, K.M. and Rockmore, M. (2016)

HiCN WP 225 Gender bias in education during conflict Evidence from Assam Roy, S. and Singh, P. (2016)

HiCN WP 224 Can War Foster Cooperation? Bauer, M., Blattman, C., Chytilová, J., Henrich, J., Miguel, E. and Mitts, T. (2016)

HiCN WP 223 Calamity, Conflict and Cash Transfers: How Violence Affects Access to Aid in Pakistan Ghorpade, Y. (2016)

HiCN WP 222 Constraining the Samurai: Rebellion and Taxation in Early Modern Japan Paik, C., Steele, A. and Tanaka, S. (2016)

HiCN WP 221 Climate Change, Conflict, and Children Akresh, R. (2016)

HiCN WP 220 Child Mortality and the War on Terror: Afghanistan from 2007 to 2010 Parlow, A. (2016)

HiCN WP 219 State and Development: A Historical Study of Europe from 0 AD to 2000 AD Harish, S.P. and Paik, C. (2016)

HiCN WP 218 Inequality, Distributive Beliefs and Protests: A Recent Story from Latin America Justino, P. and Martorano, B. (2016)

HiCN WP 217 Liberation Technology: Mobile Phones and Political Mobilization in Africa Manacorda, M. and Tesei, A. (2016)

HiCN WP 216 The long-term impact of war on health Palmer, M., Nguyen, C., Mitra, S., Mont, D. and Groce N. (2016)

HiCN WP 215 Information and Communication Technologies, Wartime Informing, and Insurgent Violence Shaver, A. (2016)

HiCN WP 214 Take what you can: property rights, contestability and conflict Fetzer, T. and Marden, S. (2016)

HiCN WP 213 The Unintended Long-term Consequences of Mao’s Mass Send-Down Movement: Marriage, Social Network, and Happiness Wang, S. and Zhou, W. (2016)

HiCN WP 212 Adverse rainfall shocks and civil war: Myth or reality? Maertens, R. (2016)

HiCN WP 211 Violence and political outcomes in Ukraine: Evidence from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk Coupe, T. and Obrizan M. (2016)

HiCN WP 210 *updated* The Effect of Civilian Casualties on Wartime Informing: Evidence from the Iraq War Shaver, A. and Shapiro J.N. (2016)

HiCN WP 209 The Impact of Internal Displacement on Destination Communities: Evidence from the Colombian Conflict Morales, J.S. (2016)

HiCN WP 208 Violence and Child Health Outcomes: Evidence from Mexican Drug War Nasir, M. (2016)

HiCN WP 207 It’s no Spring Break in Cancun: The Effects of Exposure to Violence on Risk Preferences, Pro-Social Behavior and Mental Health Nasir, M., Rockmore, M., Tan, C.M. (2016)

HiCN WP 206 Hard to forget: The long-lasting impact of war on mental health Bratti, M., Mendola, M., Miranda, A. (2016)

HiCN WP 205 Local Government Proliferation, Diversity, and Conflict Bazzi, S., Gudgeon, M. (2015)

HiCN WP 204 The Impact of Violence on Individual Risk Preferences: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Jakiela, P., Ozier, O. (2015)

HiCN WP 203 Return migration and economic outcomes in the conflict context Fransen, S., Ruiz, I., Vargas-Silva, C. (2015)

HiCN WP 202 Masked Development: Exploring the Hidden Benefits of the Zapatista Conflict Zaga, D. (2015)

HiCN WP 201 Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq and the socio-economic environment they faced at home: a comparison of European countries Verwimp, P. (2015)

HiCN WP 200 Youth Unemployment, Education and Political Instability: Evidence from Selected Developing Countries 1991-2009 Azeng, T.F., Yogo, T.U. (2015)

HiCN WP 199 The Global Economic Burden of Violent Conflict de Groot, O.J., Bozzoli, C., Brück,T. (2015)

HiCN WP 198 *updated* The Long-Term Effects of Conflict on Welfare: Evidence from Burundi Mercier,M., Ngenzebuke,R.L., Verwimp,P (2016)

HiCN WP 197 Is Conflict Contagious? Evidence from a Natural Experiment Crost B., Felter J. (2015)

HiCN WP 196 Income Inequality and Violent Crime: Evidence from Mexico’s Drug War Enamorado T., López-Calva L.F., Rodríguez-Castelán C. and Winkler H. (2015)

HiCN WP 195 Networks in Conflict: Theory and Evidence from the Great War of Africa König M., Rohner D., Thoenig M. and Zilibotti F. (2015)

HiCN WP 194 On the Origins of States: Stationary Bandits and Taxation in Eastern Congo de la Sierra R. (2014)

HiCN WP193 Can Rigorous Impact Evaluations Improve Humanitarian Assistance? Puri J., Aladysheva A., Iversen V., Ghorpade Y. and Brück T. (2014)

HiCN WP 192 Do Criminally Accused Politicians Affect Economic Outcomes? Evidence from India Prakarsh N., Rockmore M. and Uppal Y. (2014)

HiCN WP 191 *updated* “Face the bullet, spare the rod?” Evidence from the aftermath of the Shining Path Insurgency Morales A. and Singh P. (2016)

HiCN WP 190 The determinants of low-intensity intergroup violence. The case of Northern Ireland Balcells L., Daniels L.A. and Escribà-Folch A. (2014)

HiCN WP 189 Does social action fund promote schooling in
conflict affected countries? Mixed evidence from Angola
Djimeu E. (2014)

HiCN WP 188 The Perception of Lethal Risks
– Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment
Schubert M. and Brück T. (2014)

HiCN WP 187 The Effect of Civil Conflict on Child Abuse: Evidence from Peru Morales A. and Singh P. (2014)

HiCN WP 186 Trade, employment and conflict: Evidence from the Second Intifada Calì M. and Miaari S. (2014)

HiCN WP 185 Learning the hard way: The effect of violent conflict on student academic achievement Brück T., Di Maio M. and Miaari S. (2014)

HiCN WP 184 The Economic Costs of Civil War: Synthetic Counterfactual Evidence and the Effects of Ethnic Fractionalization Costalli S., Moretti L. and Pischedda C. (2014)

HiCN WP 183 Solidarity with a sharp edge: Communal conflict and local collective action in rural Nigeria Schaub M. (2014)

HiCN WP 182 Export Taxes and Consumption: A ‘Natural Experiment’ from Côte d’Ivoire Soumahoro S. (2014)

HiCN WP 181 Their Suffering, Our Burden? How Congolese Refugees Affect the Ugandan Population Kreibaum M. (2014)

HiCN WP 180 Forced Displacement and Early Childhood Nutritional Development in Colombia Ortiz Becerra K. (2014)

HiCN WP 179 Making Do with What You Have: Conflict, Firm Performance and Input Misallocation in Palestine Amodio F. and Di Maio M. (2014)

HiCN WP 178 *updated* Local Institutions and Armed Group Presence in Colombia Gáfaro M., Ibáñez A.M. and Justino P. (2014)

HiCN WP 177 Money Can’t Buy Love but Can it Buy Peace? Evidence from the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation Brück T. and Ferguson N. (2014)

HiCN WP 176 Dictators Walking the Mogadishu Line: How Men Become Monsters and Monsters Become Men Larcom S., Sarr M. and Willems T. (2014)

HiCN WP 175 Civil Conflict, Sex Ratio and Intimate Partner Violence in Rwanda La Mattina G. (2014)

HiCN WP 174 Conditional Cash Transfers, Civil Conflict and Insurgent Influence: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines Crost B., Felter J. and Johnston P. (2014)

HiCN WP 173 Political Violence, Drought and Child Malnutrition: Empirical Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India Tranchant JP., Justino P. and Müller C. (2014)

HiCN WP 172 Sexual Violence in Burundi: Victims, perpetrators, and the role of conflict Dijkman N., Bijleveld C. and Verwimp P. (2014)

HiCN WP 171 Armed Group Repertoires and Recollection in Survey Research Schulhofer-Wohl J. (2014)

HiCN WP 170 Civilian Resistance to Rebel Governance Arjona A. (2014)

HiCN WP 169 Wartime Institutions: A Research Agenda Arjona A. (2014)

HiCN WP 168 Does land titling matter? The role of land property rights in the war on illicit crops in Colombia Muñoz-Mora J.C., Tobón-Zapata S. and D’Anjou J.W. (2014)

HiCN WP 167 Extortion with Protection: Understanding the effect of rebel taxation on civilian welfare in Burundi Sabates-Wheeler R. and Verwimp P. (2014)

HiCN WP 166 *updated* Armed conflict and schooling in Rwanda: Digging deeper Guariso A. and Verpoorten M. (2014)

HiCN WP 165 The Intergenerational Impact of Terror: Does the 9/11 Tragedy Reverberate into the Outcomes of the Next Generation? Brown R. (2014)

HiCN WP 164 Conflict and the Formation of Political Beliefs in Africa Adhvaryu A. and Fenske J. (2014)

HiCN WP 163 War and the Destruction of Human Capital Agüero J. and Farhan Majid M. (2014)

HiCN WP 162 Minority Status and Investment: Evidence from Natural and Lab Experiments in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mironova V. and Lazarev E. (2013)

HiCN WP 161 The Political Legacies of Combat: Attitudes towards war and peace amongst Israeli ex-combatants Grossman G., Manekin D. and Miodownik D. (2013)

HiCN WP 160 Local Economic Conditions and Participation in the Rwandan Genocide Friedman W. (2013)

HiCN WP 159 Rebuilding the State in Areas Affected by Political Violence: The Case of Rural Communities in Ayacucho, Peru Velazco J. (2013)

HiCN WP 158 Election Fraud and Post-Election Conflict: Evidence from the Philippines Crost B., Felter J., Mansour H. and Rees D. (2013)

HiCN WP 157 Forced displacement and behavioral change: An empirical study of returnee households in the Nuba Mountains Abdel Rahim A., Jaimovich D. and Ylönen A. (2013)

HiCN WP 156 Effect of Conflict on Dietary Energy Supply: Evidence from Cote d’Ivoire Dabalen A. and Paul S. (2013)

HiCN WP 155 Political Mobilization in Tibet Paik C. (2013)

HiCN WP 154 The Long-Term Direct and External Effects of Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany Akbulut Yuksel M. and Yuksel M. (2013)

HiCN WP 153 Measuring Conflict Exposure in Micro-Level Surveys Brück T., Justino P., Verwimp P., Tedesco A. and Avdeenko A. (2013)

HiCN WP 152 Displacement and Education of the Next Generation: Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina Eder C. (2013)

HiCN WP 151 The Legacy of Conflict: Regional Deprivation and School Performance in Northern Ireland Ferguson N. and Michaelsen M. (2013)

HiCN WP 150 Abandoning Coffee under the Threat of Violence and the Presence of Illicit Crops. Evidence from Colombia Ibañez Londoño A.M., Muñoz Mora J.C. and Verwimp P. (2013)

HiCN WP 149 Local Warming and Violent Conflict in North and South Sudan Calderone M., Maystadt J.F. and You L. (2013)

HiCN WP 148 Urban violence and humanitarian action in Medellin Bernal Franco L. and Navas Caputo C. (2013)

HiCN WP 147 Revisiting Haiti´s Gangs and Organized Violence Kolbe A. (2013)

HiCN WP 146 The Geography of Inter-State Resource Wars Caselli F., Morelli M., and Rohner D. (2013)

HiCN WP 145 Buying Peace: The Mirage of Demobilizing Rebels D’Aoust O., Sterck O., and Verwimp P. (2013)

HiCN WP 144 Trusting the Enemy: Confidence in the state among ex-combatants Nussio E. and Oppenheim B. (2013)

HiCN WP 143 Gender-Differential Effects of Conflict on Education: The Case of the 1981-1993 Punjab Insurgency Singh P. and Shemyakina O. (2013)

HiCN WP 142 Evaluating programmes in conflict-affected areas Bozzoli C., Brück T., and Wald N. (2013)

HiCN WP 141 The Impact of Conflict on Education Attainment and Enrollment in Colombia: lessons from recent IDPs Oyelere R. and Wharton K. (2013)

HiCN WP 140 It’s Who You Know: Social Networks, Interpersonal Connections, and Participation in Collective Violence McDoom O. (2011)

HiCN WP 139 Research and policy implications from a micro-level perspective on the dynamics of conflict, violence and development Justino P. (2013)

HiCN WP 138 Micro-level dynamics of conflict, violence and development: A new analytical framework Justino P., Brück T., and Verwimp P. (2013)

HiCN WP 137 The Economic Consequences of Forced Displacement Fiala N. (2013)

HiCN WP 136 Coping Strategies in Natural Disasters and under Conflict: A Review of Household Responses and Notes for Public Policy Ghorpade Y. (2013)

HiCN WP 135 Employment Generation in Rural Africa: Mid-term Results from an Experimental Evaluation of the Youth Opportunities Program in Northern Uganda Blattman C., Fiala N., and Martinez S. (2012)

HiCN WP 134 Social Capital and Conflict Aghajanian, A. (2012)

HiCN WP 133 Institutions, Mobilization and Rebellion in Post-Colonial Societies Arcand, J.L. and Tranchant, J.P. (2012)

HiCN WP 132 Nutrition, Governance and Violence: A Framework for the Analysis of Resilience and Vulnerability to Food Insecurity in Contexts of Violent Conflict Justino P. (2012)

HiCN WP 131 Quantifying the Impact of Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Economic Recovery Justino P., Cardona I., Mitchell R. and Müller C. (2012)

HiCN WP 130 The labour market impact of mobility restrictions: Evidence from the West Bank Calì M. and Miaari S. (2012)

HiCN WP 129 Violent Conflict and Gender Inequality: An Overview Buvinic M., Das Gupta M., Casabonne U., and Verwimp P. (2012)

HiCN WP 128 Building institutions at the micro-level: Results from a field experiment in property dispute and conflict resolution Blattman C., Hartman A., and Blair R. (2012)

HiCN WP 127 Naxalite Insurgency and the Economic Benefits of a Unique Robust Security Response Singhal S. and Nilakantan R. (2012)

HiCN WP 126 Households amidst urban riots: The economic consequences of civil violence in India Gupte J., Justino P., Tranchant J.P. (2012)

HiCN WP 125 Shared Societies and Armed Conflicts: Costs, Inequality and the Benefits of Peace Justino P. (2012)

HiCN WP 124 Warfare, Political Identities, and Displacement in Spain and Colombia Balcells L. and Steele A. (2012)

HiCN WP 123 *updated* Returning Home after Civil War: Food security, nutrition and poverty among Burundese households Verwimp P. and Muñoz-Mora J.C. (2013)

HiCN WP122 The Agency and Governance of Urban Battlefields: How Riots Alter our Understanding of Adequate Urban Living Gupte J. (2012)

HiCN WP121 Living Within Conflicts: Risk of Violence and Livelihood Portfolios Rockmore M. (2012)

HiCN WP120 Estimating the Causal Effects of War on Education in Côte D’Ivoire Dabalen A. L. and Paul S. (2012)

HiCN WP119 Armed Conflict and Children’s Health – Exploring new directions: The case of Kashmir Parlow A. (2012)

HiCN WP118 Causes of Civil War: Micro Level Evidence from Côte D’Ivoire Dabalen A. L., Kebede E., and Paul S. (2012)

HiCN WP 117 Mental Health and Labour Supply: Evidence from Mexico’s Ongoing Violent Conflicts Michaelsen M. (2012)

HiCN WP 116 Quantifying The Microeconomic Effects of War: How Much Can Panel Data Help? Pivovarova M. and Swee E. L. (2012)

HiCN WP115 Armed Conflict, Household Victimization, and Child Health in Côte D’Ivoire Minoiu C. and Shemyakina O. (2012)

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