Call for Papers: Conflict, Crime and Violence in Colombia


Conflict, Crime and Violence in COLOMBIA

Special Issue to be published in

Colombia has received increasing academic attention from social scientists in the past few years and the academic output that studies the causes and consequences of the country’s social unrest and criminal record is growing. Recently, the government of Colombia announced the start of peace negotiations with FARC, one of the oldest guerrilla organizations on earth and responsible for most of the country’s violence track. This juncture calls for high-quality academic research on the dynamics, causes, consequences and political economy of violence, as well as for innovative and sound policy prescriptions.

The special issue is intended to gather contributions from dfferent disciplines within social science, on diverse topics and methodological perspectives regarding conflict and crime in Colombia, or related issues. Papers may be theoretical or empirical and should highlight their contribution to a better understanding of the kind of social phenomena that constitute an obstacle for a resilient peace in Colombia.

Papers should be sent to Juan Vargas ( no later than March 31st, 2013. Manuscripts will be subject to a conventional refereeing process.

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