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HiCN Working Paper Nº 297

Can Jobs Programs Build Peace?

Tilman Brück, Neil T. N. Ferguson, Valeria Izzi and Wolfgang Stojetz

HiCN Working Paper Nº 277

Determinants and Dynamics of Forced Migration to Europe: Evidence from a 3-D Model of Flows and Stocks

Brück, T., K. M. Dunker, N. T. N. Ferguson, A. Meysonnat and E. Nillesen

HiCN Working Paper Nº 275

Assets for Alimentation? The Nutritional Impact of Assets-Based Programming in Niger

Brück, T., Díaz Botía, O. M., Ferguson, N. T. N., Ouédraogo, J and Ziegelhöfer, Z.

HiCN Working Paper Nº 260

Micro-Foundations of Fragility: Concepts, Measurement and Application

Baliki, G., Brück, T., Ferguson, N. T. N. and S. W. Kebede